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How to Make the Most of Your NDIS Plan in 2023

The start of a new year is great time to reflect on your current NDIS plan and set goals for the year ahead. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your NDIS plan in 2023:

Review your current plan

The first step in making the most of your NDIS plan is to review your current plan. Ask yourself if it’s meeting your needs and if you’re achieving your goals. If not, it may be time to consider making some changes you can contact your Local Are Coordinator (LAC) or Support Coordinator to discuss your options.

Set new goals

Once you’ve reviewed your current plan, it’s time to set new goals for the year ahead. Think about what you want to achieve and break those goals down to smaller, achievable steps. For example, if your goal is to improve fitness, your smaller steps could include finding an exercise physiologist and attending their sessions regularly.

Explore new supports

The NDIS is constantly evolving, and there may be new supports available that you haven’t considered before. Some examples of new supports include assistive technology or exercise physiology. Your LAC or Support Coordinator can help you explore new supports that may be beneficial for you.

Navigate changes to the NDIS

The NDIS is undergoing some changes in 2023, including a new planning process and the introduction of independent assessments. It’s important to stay informed about these changes and how they may affect your plan. Your LAC or Support Coordinator can help you navigate these changes and understand how they impact you.

Prioritise self-care and wellbeing

Finally, it’s important to prioritise your own self-care and wellbeing. This could include finding ways to manage stress, staying connected with others, or pursuing hobbies or interests that bring you joy. Taking care of yourself will help you stay motivated and focused on achieving your goals.

In conclusion, making the most of your NDIS plan in 2023 requires a proactive approach. By reviewing your current plan, setting new goals, exploring new supports, navigating changes to the NDIS, and prioritizing self-care and wellbeing, you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of the supports available to you. Remember, your LAC or Support Coordinator is there to help you every step of the way, and at Holistic Support Services, we can always provide you guidance and assistance. With the right mindset and support, you can achieve your goals and live your best life.

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