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Leaving the NDIS – New Guidance Material

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

There are lots of reasons why someone might choose to leave the NDIS. But we don't stop caring about people who leave—we want to help them thrive, and find ways for them to stay involved in their communities. That's why NDIA released the new

The new guideline is designed to help participants understand how NDIS make decisions. It includes information about what it means when people choose to leave the NDIS; how we decide who can get help at home from aged care services; what happens when people move permanently into residential aged care; and more.

If you receive support because you met the disability requirements and your support needs or circumstances have changed, we may ask for information to check if you continue to be eligible.

This is a normal part of your NDIS journey.

We will only ask for this information if it's needed for us to assess whether or not you continue to meet the requirements for receiving support.

When a participant passes away, we will end their NDIS plan. Learn more about what to do when someone dies.

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